Being a military wife can get lonely.

Before you know it they all say he will be home.

But before you know it

You could end up in this bar

And down the road to this motel

With a key and a man you do not know.

The motel will be pink a sunset dripping

Classic green algae pool sunk out back.

The clerk will be used to it.  This and sun

Because this is where these things happen

Because this could.  It could happen to you

In this motel standing against this sun

Screwing another man will be easy.

It is the after that will be hard.

When you look past

Past the man you still don’t know

Past his car backing out of the lot

Past the curtains falling limp on the wall

Past the green pool like a crocodile hump

And into it

Into the desert where the cactus lives

Never needing to drink.

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