I am driving home again around this corner again to my house

Again and again I am creating in my mind this moment again.

It is the moment that can happen today or tomorrow any day.

Where I pull up and there is a car waiting out front unmarked

But I know and I am ready.  An officer gets out and I am ready

Ready to get myself to the door get my son inside myself here

Wedged here between the outside world and this my inside

Where the officer cannot come will not go no matter what.

I will memorize him so later like a paper doll I can move him

Around my memory and even tear off his arms if I want to

Because he is the casualty notification officer decorated

With ribbons on his chest ribbons he got getting out alive.

I tell my son his child to go away or get upstairs just so.

Just so this man can tell me tell me your father is dead.

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