There will be adjustments

The base counselor tells me,

This man I have been seeing

Since my husband left me

For the dust of Afghanistan

For both of you he says, because that

He says is the nature of this beast,

The beast of homecoming

And coming home to me,

To me and a house and a life that is no longer his.

I think about adjustments, of my wedding dress

Let out to make room for a daughter he has never met,

The adjustments I will have to make, a beer on a table

Left overnight, his toothbrush leaning into mine, and him,

His body leaning into mine on the mattress that I have claimed,

Sprawled out across it,

As if he no longer exists.

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2 Responses to Adjustments

  1. d. says:

    Something about this piece struck a chord with me. I’m not sure how that could be since I have never experienced this of my own (neither do I know of anyone who has fought and returned from a war…). Nonetheless, I a moved. I have read several other of your other pieces in your blog and I must say they are tragic and beautiful.

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