This is the difference.

This is the difference when you are a military wife.

Your husband gets his orders

And now it is time to get ready.

He draws up a will, draws up a power of attorney

Where you have control of everything now

And then he leaves for war

And you know that he may die.

Before he leaves he talks about it, dying, about

Where you should live, who would help you, and

How to get the life insurance money.

He makes these plans for you, postmortem plans

And after he leaves you have to accept it, accept

That he may die and you could be a widow.

And you think about it, just like you think about

Him coming home, you think about him dying,

Fantasize really, about what you would do,

Who you would be, your life without him.

And then he comes home, a ghost

That you are only half prepared for.

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