The electricity shut off again.  There is no power

In this condo I am renting while you are deployed.

My next door neighbor comes over because I ask him to,

With a flashlight in his hand, whispering is he asleep?

It is a strange intimacy we are sharing here in the dark,

Because he knows that I have a child but not a husband.

I have not told anyone yet about the deployment and you,

Leading him through the garage filled with boxes filled

With dishes and your clothes, our life we used to have.

The lights come back on, the connection fixed, and still

There is a charge I don’t want in the air, twisting my ring,

A spark of possibility in who I am right now, married but

Oddly single, and maybe even a widow, the news of it

Traveling through the wires across continents to me,

To my front door, to where I am standing with a man

Who is not my husband but who can take care of me.

When all I want is you, your current flowing here,

Through this house and through me, a conductor.

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