You are back here again, this place

Where he is telling you he is going

Again, back to Iraq again, this time

For twelve months.

This time hot Baghdad and you.

You are left here at home again,

With a watch on your wrist telling you

You will go on even though, even though

The neighbors don’t know how you do it.

The truth is deployments can be easy.

It is the coming back that can hurt.

What no one tells you is how,

How war will bring you to your knees.

Not on the grass like you imagined, in a cemetery,

His body lowered into the ground, arms at his side,

Just like a toy soldier. Not that.

But in the shower crying, with the water running,

Crying because it is too much, water running so

He will not hear you.

Or on a carpet in front of a bed begging him,

His back turning to you, like an empty map,

Begging him because he is lost,

Begging him to come, come back.

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One Response to Back

  1. Oh wow… That made me seriously cry. That was beautiful and so terribly sad… I can only say that was powerful.

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