The first time my husband said it, said

The word divorce, I felt my marriage break,

And I remember how on 9/11, just when

I stopped running and started to walk, how

I heard it, heard it behind me, a loud crack,

The crack of metal breaking, and how I knew,

I remember how I knew that the North Tower

Was breaking, breaking in half and falling down.

And I said to myself, as I started to run again,

Said this is really happening, just like I am now,

Like I am saying to myself now, as I stand here,

By the door, waiting for him, my husband, a phone

In my hand, because he told me this is not working,

And how we need to talk, and how I am waiting,

Like I waited all those months, for fifteen months

While he was away at war, waiting for him to call,

And come home or die, die even, and now, now I am

Here again, standing in our living room alone, and

Just waiting for him to come home again, and I am

Wondering if he will say it again, that word, divorce,

So I can feel it, feel our marriage crack,

Crack completely in half and fall down.

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