My husband and I are upstairs,

Sitting on a couch in this living

Room, with our backs to a window,

Talking about getting a GPS system

For our son,

A microchip

Sewn into his clothing,

A location based GPS

That uses radio frequency or satellite,

Cellular waves that can find him,

If he gets lost,

Because he is four years old

And cannot say many words

And the words he can say are


His speech therapist tells us,

Taking her hands and holding

His face and making

The shape of a word

With his mouth, his lips,

And tongue and jaw,

Repeating yes or say yes.

And I am thinking about


What it means to locate,

How when the war came,

Seven years ago,

To our house and

My husband was away

For fifteen months,

I used a map,

To show my older son

Where his father was,

How I pointed at it,


My finger on the country,

Saying there,

So he would know

That his father was gone

But not lost.

Or how when my husband

Came home from war,

I could not find him at first,

How we could not find each other

For a while, because coming home

From war can be hard,

Even though he was lying in our bed,

Standing in our kitchen, facing me,

Reaching across the island,

Saying here and I’m right here.

And we turn the television off,

Because the news is hard to hear,

Stories about children,

Living in war torn countries,

Where violence and killing

And death are tearing apart


Tearing apart their cities,

And tearing apart their families,

And how, if they are lucky enough

To survive, they flee,

Families crossing deserts,

A stomach of land

Stretching between what is safe

And what is not,

Crossing over borders,

And becoming refugees of war,

How there are millions of them,

And I am turning towards him,


My husband, and saying, how

It would be easy, 

So easy to get separated,

To lose a child,

If you are fleeing from war,

Or how there are so many,

So many mothers and fathers who lose

Their children to war,

And there are statistics,

But no one really knows

How many.

How many children are refugees of war or

How many children

Have been killed in war.

And I know what the word approximation means,

How it is an estimate,

How it is close and nearly

But not exact.

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3 Responses to Locate

  1. Lael says:

    Wow, this drew me in – well done!

  2. Nicholas says:

    Excellent. Thank you. Nicholas

  3. BREWATTS says:

    Amazing! Love your writing.

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