About the Author

Amalie Flynn is an American writer.

Her writing has appeared in The New York Times At War (November 2010, November 2011, March 2011, August 2012) and in TIME (September 2011). Her writing has received mention by CNN and The New York Times Media Decoder.  Her writing has been published in Diagram: An Anthology of Text, Art, and Schematic (Del Sol Press, 2003). Her art was featured in the Artists Invite Artist Friends show at the Phoenix Gallery (NYC, 2006).  She is also the author of three other blogs: the September Eleventh blog, the The Visual Index blog, and her blog for The Huffington Post. Amalie Flynn’s first book, WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR, is available on Amazon in Paperback and on Kindle, on Barnes & Noble for the Nook, on Tower Books in Paperback, at Barrington Books , and at Brookline Booksmith.

You can find Amalie Flynn on TwitterFacebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest.                     You can find WIFE AND WAR: THE MEMOIR on Facebook.

And you can contact Amalie Flynn by email at amalieflynn@aol.com

13 Responses to About the Author

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  2. htothedizzle says:

    I am linking you to my site…you are a MUST read by every American!

  3. Your poems are so lovely. I came to blogging through poetry–and having not gotten much writing done since my kids were born. I am so happy to find your blogs. Your strength and honesty are shattering. You are very skilled. I will keep reading! Wishing you all the best.
    wendy b

  4. I also linked this blog to mine. hope that is okay–tell me if not–

  5. Martin says:

    Amazing poems. So intimate and real. You’re an inspiration.

  6. jennigetsit says:

    You must never stop. Never stop telling the truth from the depth of your soul. You are a writer whom we, all writers can learn from. Thank You!

  7. Bob says:

    Really strong writing, so beautifully encapsulating the mixture of emotions wives of soldiers who are deployed overseas go through. Love it

  8. Ilana says:

    Thank you for this site. Your poems speak to me very powerfully. My husband has been in Afghanistan for the past 11 months. I live off base and have few ties to the military community, so this deployment has been a profoundly isolating experience. Reading your poetry reassures me that I am not alone, that I am not the only woman who feels this way. You are able to express these emotions in a way that I cannot. Please keep writing.

  9. I love your very deep thinking

  10. Habib Khan says:

    Your poems are inspiring!

  11. petrel41 says:

    Congratulations, Amalie!

    I have nominated your blog for the Humanitarian Award, in remembrance of Nelson Mandela.

    More about this nomination is at


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  13. Frank Maduri says:

    Outstanding poetry. I know how hard that can be to produce. Thank you so much for sharing! I remember a long time ago when our paths first crossed that you had outstanding writing talent. I am so glad that you are using your gifts and talents to inspire and reach others. I am here to help you in any way I can.

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